Projects using PPM


Collision of two vortex rings at Re = 10,000

Volumerendering of the Lambda-2 field for the collision of two vortex rings starting side-by-side at Re = 10,000, simulated with a remeshed vortex method based on the PPM library.

Massively parallel simulation of aircraft wakes

CSE-lab has simulated the wake behind an aircraft with a vortex method. The simulation was run on the BlueGene/L on 16,000 cores using 32 billion particles, at 60% efficiency.

Simulation of a jellyfish movement

Gallery of Fluid Motion, 62nd APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 2009, Minneapolis

Simulation of a vortex ring at Re = 7,500

The Secret Life of Vortices, ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 computer animation festival, Los Angeles